Ringspun vs Regular Cotton

Ringspun vs Regular Cotton

Ringspun vs Regular Cotton

There are a variety of fabrics available when shopping for t-shirts. One of the most popular fabrics is cotton. It is important to know that cotton can have a number of variations.

That being said, let’s examine the difference between ringspun cotton and regular cotton. In a nutshell, ringspun cotton is softer, more durable, and has better quality. But let’s examine why.


Regular Cotton, what is that?


In order to make regular cotton, soft vegetable fibers are twisted to form yarn. A regular cotton material is then created through the weaving of the yarn. Although ringspun cotton has become increasingly popular in recent years, this type is the most widely used type. Regular cotton is less expensive to manufacture than ringspun, and while it offers greater breathability, its softness pales in comparison to that of ringspun cotton. The textile industry continues to rely on regular cotton as a staple and sells it widely both in the wholesale and retail markets today.


How is Ringspun Cotton processed?


The term ringspun refers to the manufacturing process used to manufacture this type of cotton. A ring spun yarn produces strong, longer strands that are soft, durable and free of the rough texture of standard raw cotton. Long, soft cotton strands are obtained by continually spinning, twisting, and thinning the cotton strands. Likewise, the threads in the thread are compacted in a manner that results in a strong and durable material.


When choosing between ringspun and regular cotton, what is the best?


When deciding which kind of cotton is the best, it depends entirely on what you intend to use it for. There are many good reasons for the popularity of both types of cotton. When you’re looking for a new favorite t-shirt that’s soft and fashionable, or an option for your new clothing line, ringspun cotton t-shirts are your best bet. When shopping for a quality t-shirt for an event or a fundraiser, or when you just want a standard t-shirt to last you for a long time, regular cotton is your best bet.

Buying shirts is no different than the rest of your life. You need to think about how you use your shirts, how much you want to spend, and what matters most to you. Although ring spun cotton is generally more expensive, the added cost will not ruin your budget. A wise man once said, it is better to buy once, than to buy twice.

To Recap:

Regular Cotton

  • Most widely used

  • Less soft than rinsgpun

  • Less expensive to manufacture

  • Durable


Ringspun Cotton

  • Manufacturing process produces stronger, longer strands

  • Very soft

  • Typically lighter weight than regular cotton

  • Breathable